Training Service

we provide training for HR who will take the certification test which will take the HR profession

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HR Consulting

we provide HR Consulting & Strategy with a demonstrated history of guiding our clients in making objective and measured systems.

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Executive Search

we provide qualified executive level with competencies that have been selected and tested as well as the track record of accurate and up to date information.

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Staff Placement

we have the phases system how to get the best work force in accordance with the needs of the company.

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Translation & Interpretation

It comes from experience that combines the right skills and technology to deliver an efficient and accurate service. We have a team of experienced and skilled experts.

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IRIKIORA Portfolio

IRIKIORA strive to provide a consistently high quality service to our Clients.  Our Philosophy values are DINAMICS, QUALITY and TRUST. These values enable us to build long lasting and effective relationships. With our KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND PROFESIONAL pillar, IRIKIORA work in teams sharing experience and knowledge to ensure the benefit of this broader expertise is passed on to our clients.

Every Candidate we submit has been assessed to fully understand their career objectives and to get the best work force in accordance with the needs of the company.

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